Minami Shimada

島田 美波

Height: 156 cm Weight: 45 kg Second grade high school student in Fumizuki Gakuen in Class F. Classmates with Akihisa from 1st year. She was born in Germany, and returned to Japan. Minami's trademarks are her sharp eyes and ponytail. She has a model-like tall figure and has long legs, however her breasts are flat. She is strong and wild; according to herself, her hobby is "beating up Akihisa" and really does hit him all the time for whatever reason, but it's just a reverse way of displaying her special feelings to him. The so-called "tsundere." Whenever Akihisa's up to do anything useless, she restricts him with excessive violence. For this reason, Akihisa takes her as his natural enemy. She is taking the rumor of Akihisa liking a boy quite seriously (the same applies to Mizuki), she shows opposition to Hideyoshi or Yuuji as well, but does not notice her real rival Mizuki, and Akihisa's ever growing friendliness to her. She succeeded in threatening Akihisa and forcing him to call her by name "Minami," and let herself call him as "Aki" during the 1st Summon War (vs Class D). Due to her headstrong personality, she never acknowledges her feeling of love to anyone and can't even fake it by acting; however after receiving Akihisa's mistakenly sent SMS of confession (so she believes), she becomes honest with her real feelings. She becomes so frank that she even dares to take away Akihisa's first kiss in front of Mizuki's eyes. Later, when she "really" finds out how Akihisa certainly is looking at her as a "girl," she comes to have feelings for him for real. Her inside character is, surprisingly girly; she has Akihisa's photo in a frame decorating her room. Although her academic abilities are as high as Class-B level, but due to the fact she was born in Germany and cannot read Kanji, she has low grades for most of the subjects—especially for Classic Literature: 1-digit grade; however, this is strictly because she cannot read the text. She is good at math where Kanji is not needed. She is ranked third from Fumizuki Gakuen's "Girl I would hate to have as a girlfriend" list, the reason being her harsh attitude toward Akihisa. Her parents are almost always out for work and she is mostly alone, and thanks to this, she is good at cooking. After she finds out Akihisa's cooking skills, however, she losses her confidence a bit. She also likes collecting rag dolls. Her shoukanjuu (summoned beast)'s equipments are a military outfit and sabre. The occult version is Nurikabe (wall monster), influenced from her nature of "Wall=Flat Chest."