Yamato Minazuki

Yamato is the classmate of Maron, Chiaki and Miyako. He holds the position of class president, though most of the class seems to lack respect for him because of his gentle, unassuming nature. Yamato is a shy student who has a big crush on Maron. His innocent and pure heart makes it easy for demons to possess him. Later in the series, he joins Miyako to try and catch Sinbad. Though he has a crush on Maron, Miyako catches his attention, and in volume 6 of the manga, he confesses. She gets angry and pushes him into the lake, thinking he was making fun of her, and to prove his love he tried to kiss her. She smacked him away though, blushing. However, as shown in volume 7, he does marry Miyako and they have a son named Shinji (the reborn form of Access). (Source: Wikipedia)