Minene Uryuu

雨流 みねね

Also Known As:

  • Natsuko Ooshima
  • Nacchan
  • Ninth

Age: 20s Occupation: International Wanted Terrorist Likes: Unknown Height: 168 cm Weight: 55 kg Minene Uryuu is a terrorist bomber. Like the Fourth, her "Escape" diary goes along with the type of profession she is involved in. Whenever Minene faces a dire situation, the diary will chart out the best course of actions she can take in order to get out of a tight spot. Based on the function of her diary, it might even help reduce the chances of her receiving a Dead End and it is probably one of the best diaries to have in Deus' game of survival. The diary's only shortcoming is that there are some circumstances where the odds are too heavily stacked against Minene to the point where the diary won't be able to secure an escape route for her. An infamous atheistic terrorist, Minene is a young woman who bears a strong hatred for organized religion, particularly God. Her hatred of religion stems from her past when she and parents were traveling in a city in the Middle East but got caught in a battle, which is hinted between Israelis and Palestinians, where her parents were killed in the crossfire. Blaming God for her parents' death, she leads a crusade of destruction against those associated with God. Minene got involved in the Diary game after a failed assassination to kill a Catholic Cardinal. She tried to escape but almost fell to her death and was saved by Deus, who gave her an offer to save her if she joined his game. Minene's diary is the Escape Diary, which will chart out the best course of actions for her to escape whenever she finds herself in a dangerous situation. While it means she can escape anything, it is not perfect as the diary can only tell her how to escape if there are favorably conditions that allow her any chance to escape. Originally, she wants to win the game to destroy religion worldwide but later mellows out after befriending Yuki and his friends. While she began as an antagonist against Yuki, she later became his ally, becoming a big sister figure to him and both of them hold no animosity with each other despite Minene was responsible for the destruction and deaths at his school and Yuki was the one who blinded her left eye. She shares an interesting relationship with Masumi Nishijima of the police whom she met during her failed assassination of the Cardinal. While she constantly dismisses all of his attempts to get to know her, she finally relents and eventually falls in love with Masumi. In the anime, during the last episode it was shown that Minene, from the second world, and Masumi, from the third world live together and have two children. Third world Minene is still a terrorist. She is named after Minerva — the Roman goddess of wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts and magic.