Ming Ming


BeyBlade: Venus Attacks: V-temptation Aside from owning the Beyblade "Venus", pop singing diva Ming-Ming is also the owner of a split personality. As a member of the BEGA Leage, Ming-Ming has risen to fame in the Beyblade circuit as an aggressive fighter while being sweet and cute (and mysteriously shorter) away from battle. Her singing is both a tool to help promote the BEGA League and a valuable weapon used to distract opponents during a match. Usually, she portrays herself to be a sweet young girl. However, she has another, tougher side when she blades. It is easy to tell which from her size and by her eyes. Tough Ming-Ming (called Queen Form in the original) is taller and has a serious look in her eyes while innocent Ming-Ming (called Loli Form) is shorter and has a typical anime cute set of eyes. She tends to spend most of her time in her innocent form as most bladers are easily deceived by her sweet and cute appearance. Her attitude depends on her form, but generally she is a very confident girl with a lot of pride. She is a fanboy favourite in the series. After (and including) the episode, Runaway Daichi, a running gag throughout the season is Kenny's uncontrollable crush on Ming-Ming. He even cheers her on during the BBA VS Bega match. Being the poster girl for the BEGA league can have its perks. This obnoxious teen idol provides entertainment in the form of singing the praises of the BEGA organization. Don't let this fool you though, because she is also a top notch Beyblader. She also uses her singing to help her concentration during a match, as well as to distract her opponents.