Mio Isurugi

石動 美緒

Age: 16-17 Birthday: December 25 Blood type: O Height: 152 cm Weight: 43 kg BWH: 75-56-75 Isurugi is Taro Sado's senior. She is the head of his school club and is violent to Taro due to her superiority complex. She is a self-proclaimed deity. She also has ailurophobia. She is an extreme tsundere, and repeatedly attacks Taro, in an (unsuccessful) attempt to cure his masochism. There is an implication that she has feelings for Taro (as a result of his kindness towards her, plus the fact that he treats her just as he does everybody else), although she does not admit to them. An episode suggested she is jealous when another girl makes advances towards Taro as in the case of her being more violent towards him when Noa gave him a mound of lilacs. She seems to be unaware of the fact that she has developed an attachment towards Taro, nor the fact that she has unconsciously developed feelings towards him, and constantly denies these facts whenever Arashiko has pointed it out. Her first kiss was with Taro. Mio does not get along well with Tatsukichi when his alter-ego surfaces while cross-dressing, especially from the fact that Tatsukichi belittles Mio's bust size whenever his alter-ego comes out. She does not quite realize that she has an innate sadistic personality, which may explain why she constantly resorts to violent measures to cure his masochism. She is shown to be very athletic, but has been said by Arashiko to not be very good at studies.