Mion Takamine


Mion is a popular idol and model and is headstrong, like Aira and Rizumu, along with not being very honest. Her father, Pietro, is Italian-Japanese. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 3, 1997. At an early age she had been with her parents and traveled the world, and is currently living alone, away from home in Japan. She often says her thoughts out loud and can also be stubborn at times. She usually tries to act like an adult. In the beginning, Mion thought that the Prism Show was a waste of her time until she saw Aira and Rizumu perform in the Tiara Cup, and got her motivation back. Eventually, it is revealed that she is very lonely without her parents but tries not to show it. She, however, warmed up to Aira and Rizumu after losing the Summer Queen Cup. Mion seems to like and admire Jun despite the latter being 10 years older than her. Her catchphrase is "Mion switch on!" Over time, Mion becomes closer with Aira and Rizumu. She turns out to afraid of dark places, ghosts, and other supernatural beings. At first, she had thought that Wataru, another member of Callings, was unreliable and depended more on Jun until he proved to her that he would protect her. Mion's song is called "Switch On My Heart" and was first heard in Episode 12. Her wedding dress name is "Pure Fresh Wedding Dress" and her Symphonia dress name is "Romantic Night Wedding Dress." In the future, she became the President of Pretty Top and has Wataru working with her. (Source: Wikipedia)