Mira Dianus Artemina


Mira Dianus Artemina (ミラ・ディアノス・アルテミーナ, Mira Dianosu Arutemīna) is the Queen of Artemyra, one of the countries that forms the Seven Seas Alliance. Mira is the owner of the Djinn Cerberus. She is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing one Dungeon, and a King Vessel. She is Pisti's mother. Mira is a very slim and youthful woman, despite being nearly 40-years-old and the mother of several children. She has straight blonde hair down to her ankles and long, dark eyelashes. She wears a kind of crown-like helmet with tall spikes pointing upwards, and there is a tattoo on her right cheek. She wears a simple dress with a feather collar, befitting the fashion of Artemyra. She also wears a metallic necklace and leg protectors with wing-shaped protrusions. She goes barefoot and carries a spear, which is her Metal Vessel. (Source: Magi Wikia)