Mira Yurizaki

百合崎 ミラ

A highly advanced robot who exhibits human mannerisms and insists that she is a normal girl despite her robotic headgear, metallic tail, and other inhuman physical attributes. Made by Seira and Shidou Yurizaki. After hearing news of her "father's" death, Mira decides to help Kyouma collect illegal Coils. She can override computer systems, use her tail to directly interface with coils, and can detect dimensional distortions. When Koorogi repairs Mira after a stack of cars falls on her, he adds skin-folds to conceal her Coil. Later it was revealed that Seira made Mira and lots of other robots with same body structure as of Miyabi still thinking of the losses and failure she caused during Miyabi's conversion of body which caused Miyabi her life and gave Kyouma's hate to coil. In the end of anime, she brings back Kyouma's memories together and makes him remember what he did with the Genesis, the greatest coil ever. Later while trying to save Kyouma from gate berserk, her coil goes into berserk at the same time and she sees Shidou and he gives her a different coil and tells her to live on and learn about human hearts leaving her in confusion. After this incident, when she sees Elizabeth crying at her father's death Mira's coil's skips a beat implying that she now has a heart nearly same to humans. (Source: Wikipedia)