Mirei Minami

南 みれぃ

Mirei Minami is one of the supporting main characters of the series. She is voiced by Yu Serizawa, a member of i☆Ris. She is a 7th grader at Paprika Academy. Not much is known about her yet, although she appears to be the classic pop type of the group. In PriPara, Mirei has lemon yellow hair that is partly tied up to two buns, resembling cat ears, at the top with blue and yellow ribbons, and blue eyes. Outside PriPara, she has brown hair tied into a high ponytail, brown eyes, and glasses. She is smart and very good at puzzles. Because of this, she is captain of the displicinary committee at school. Her catchphrase are "Keisandouri", meaning "Just as calculated" and "Keisangai", meaning "miscalculated." She also tends to say "pri" at the end of her sentences. Mirei is the only character in PriPara known to share a voice actress with someone from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. She shares her voice actress with Ann Fukuhara. Mirei started the series in the Student Class, but was eventually promoted to the Debut Class. She seems to admire Cosmos. Her name (Mirei) is based on the third note of the Solfège scale. (Source: Pri Para Wikia)