Misa Kurobane

黒羽 美砂

Misa is Yusa's older sister by one year. She died during an motorcycle accident. She's the exact opposite of her sister: she has a sharp tongue, doesn't trust people easily and is mischievous but she really cares a lot about her sister. That's also the reason why she's now something like a ghost following her sister around. Thanks to her sister's ability she can possess her and use her body. She only does that to protect Yusa. In Yusa's body she can also use her pyrokinetic ability meaning she can control fire at her will. She had two friends, one nicknamed Sho. Sho was also in love with her. She remains at her sister's side helping her when she's in trouble. In the episode 12, she bids farewell to her sister since Yuu got her and Yusa's ability in order to save everyone, specifically the ability wielders so they may return to their normal lives.