She is a character from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is the 9982nd Misaka Mikoto clone to be produced and is the first clone to be introduced to Mikoto and in the timeline. She is part of the Radio Noise Project as a combat target for Accelerator in order for him to achieve level 6. While she was similar to the other clones, Misaka 9982 had a rather unique personalty, as she was very interested in the outside world. She was very snarky to people, often giving long detailed critiques on their taste in food. The one thing that she desired was to meet her older sister, Mikoto, the girl whom she was cloned from. Upon their first meeting, the two had an awful start due Misaka 9982's refusal to reveal to Mikoto what the Sisters were involved in, but they both later bonded somewhat after Mikoto gave her a Gekota badge. She was produced three months prior to her meeting with Mikoto as part of the Radio Noise Project, and part of the overall Level 6 Experiments where she would be used as targets for Accelerator to defeat (kill). Initially her mental age was that of a newborn but it was corrected however after being put in the Testament machine, later she shared some tea with one of the female professors and commented on how horrible it was and lectured her on how to best prepare the tea, Misaka 9982 later laments on how her first tea is in such horrid taste. She also asks about the outside seeing as the experiment is to be moved outside and comments on how she is prepared for the outside with her knowledge, she is also told that she may meet Mikoto, her onee-sama. She is later asked to clean-up the room full of dead bodies where Misaka clones have been killed for the experiment, Misaka 9982 simply complies.