Misaki Harada


Gender: Female Age: 14 Height:160cm Birthday: June 14 Horoscope: Gemini Blood Type: B Alice: Doppelganger Misaki is a friend of Tsubasa and likes to pick on him a lot. She also belongs to the Special Ability class and is one of the most normal looking people there. She has a Doppelganger Alice that allows her to multiply herself into two or more. She is very up-beat. She danced the Last Dance with Tsubasa during the festival, which, according to the Alice tradition, is a 'dance of love', and any couple that dances during this will be together forever. She and Tsubasa have even been described as a 'married couple' in the anime. She is also a member of Watching Over Ruka group. And it somehow appears that Kitsuneme and Yome have innocent crushes on her.[11] As a senpai, she takes good care of Mikan, especially in Tsubasa's absence. She is more like a big sister. She is shown to have good fighting abilities as she can easily beat up guys in a fight. In the manga, her hair is a bit longer and she ties it up when she went to the Flower Princess Festival.