Misaki Kureha

Height: 162 cm Weight: 42 kg Measurements: 93-54-84 (cm) Age: 18 Blood Type: A Nationality: Japanese Likes to: Cook and eat noodles Description: Now 18, Misaki was raised from a young age almost like an orphan because her father died at Watcher's Nest, and her mother had already passed on. She's a klutz who can't get anything right. Because of this, she was unable to find a good job on the overpopulated and economically depressed Earth, so she joined the army. Even there she's still a klutz, but for some reason she was selected as an elite Seraphim cadet. However, this was all part of a master plan. The occasional extraordinary feats of prognostication, and the transformation she undergoes in front of a Ghoul - one by one the secrets hidden inside Misaki are being revealed. Source: http://www.advfilms.com