Misao Kuba

久芳 操

Age: 25 Birthday: February 12 Horoscope: Aquarius Blood type: AB Height: 184.4 cm Weight: 74 kg Shoe size: 27 cm Family members: Father and Mother. Others are secret. Occupation: Work in a financial firm. Personality: Since he doesn't think about anything, it's impossible to determine. He also doesn't care about himself or others. Hobby: Fishing Special Ability: Normal permit. Truck license. Stealing cars. Highest Education Completed: University The twenty-five year-old twins who work for Kanou. Misao is the youngest and doesn't displays feeling and emotions compared to his older brother. Misao doesn't pay any attention whatsoever to the protagonists' relationship or to anybody else for that matter, even his own brother. There is currently no way to differentiate Homare from Misao physically. According to the released artbook, Misao loves his food. He is also in love with Ayase. (Source: Wikipedia)