Also Known As:

  • Su Girl

Height: 164.4 cm Weight: 51 kg This cute and perky angel is Kotarou's new next-door neighbor and her main passion in life is stalking and glomping Kotarou. She's an apprentice angel (anime) or unofficial angel (manga) who speaks like a small child and tries to make everybody around her happy; consequentially making matters worse. She is very hyper and outgoing around Kotarou (for example, her first line said to him in both versions is "will you go out with me?!"). She is happy and optimistic, and has always managed to keep on smiling. She becomes best friends with Shia when Shia moves into her home. Despite of being a really cheerful angel, she has a dark past (which was revealed in manga): When she was younger, she met with boy called Kotaroh (who also looked like Kotarou, being the former's descendant). Unlike other humans, Koutaroh could see angels and other sort supernatural beings due to being half demon (Shia's son). Upon her sister's demand, Misha has to return to Heaven, unable to meet Koutaroh again. This causes great pain on him,making him decide to commited suicide, wanting to meet Misha there. Misha also didn't know, that Kotaroh was actually hated in the village he lived due to his ability to see spirits, specially since that let him know if someone was about to die. Because Kotaroh killed himself over her, she was imprisoned in thorns, and forced to repent. However, years later Sasha, her bigger sister told her that Kotaroh was going to be given another chance and reincarnated as Koutarou, and along with that she'd be given a task to restore her status as an angel: To make Koutarou happy. She wears black clothes as punishment due to her actions leading to Koutaroh's suicide back then and now even normal humans are able to see her. Also, in the manga it is revealed that she has romantic feelings for Kotarou.