Also Known As:

  • Fouquet
  • Matilda of Sachsen-Gotha

Osmond's secretary, who is often the target of Osmond's lecherous behaviour. She gets mad when Osmond tries anything (for example: getting Osmond's familiar to peek up her skirt).

* Magical Affinity - Earth

* A triangle mage who uses a giant golem made of earth to steal magical valuables.
* Her acquaintances often refer to her as Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt.
* In Episode 6, The Thief's True Identity, it is revealed that Fouquet and Longueville were one and the same.
* In Episode 7, Louise's Part-Time Job, it is revealed that Fouquet is actually Matilda of Saschen-Gotha, although it is unknown what role that will play in future episodes at the moment.
* In episode 11, Wardes is revealed as a traitor and an ally to Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt.



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