Misty Lizard


Lizard Misty is a pride warrior who claims having forgotten the meaning of pain in combat boasting he killed all his enemies without spilling one drop of his own blood in the process. He is also so narcissist that considers his beauty inferior only to the goddess Athena. Misty was sent by the Sanctuary to Japan, together with 4 other Silver Saints, to kill the Bronze Saints. He eventually faced Pegasus Seiya in battle. Convinced of his superiority, Misty had no doubt he would defeat Seiya without even being hit. The Lizard Saint believed he was the most beautiful Saint, and to be injured would be an ultimate insult to him. Using the barrier he created with his technique, he managed to block every single hit of Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. Annoyed that Seiya's blood dripped onto his Cloth, he decided to bath himself in the sea, believing Seiya was defeated. However, Seiya got back up, and continued his battle against Misty. Misty still managed to easily block Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken. But Seiya focused the power of all his Ryusei Ken into one, and unleashed his new technique: Pegasus Suisei Ken, which managed to strike through Misty's defense to hurt him. Seiya then used the Pegasus Rolling Crush to finally defeat the Silver Saint. (Source: Seiyapedia)