Misty Lola


Also Known As:

  • Misty Tredwell

Misty is a world-class model whose origins seem to lie in Neo-Domino. She is also capable of physiognomy - reading and understanding somebody based on their facial expressions - displayed when she met Carly for the first time. It’s then that she claims Carly will soon die. As night falls on Neo-Domino after the next day, Misty infiltrates the Arcadia Movement’s headquarters and confronts Aki, claiming she is responsible for the death of her younger brother, Tobi. Misty reveals herself as a Dark Signer, bearing the Lizard Mark [which fits with the Line holding its own tragic story]. Misty succeeds in pushing Aki into a corner before summoning her Earthbound God - Ccarayhua. Aki is in shock after a combination of the Earthbound God’s rise and Divine plummeting to earth, left vulnerable for Misty to finish her off. But the building’s stability deteriorates and Misty leaves the duel unfinished. Instead, she heads to the roof where she meets the newly-reborn Carly and explains everything to her, proving her role as a figure for Carly to look up to in their shadowy existence. When Misty is the last Dark Signer to face, she holds a locket with a photograph of both her and her brother inside, mourning the tragic loss of her brother. She confronts Aki in the maze of the “Monster World” theme park and lures Aki deep into her territory, using her cards to display her feelings and tell her story. Tobi had spoken to her of the Arcadia Movement and how he looked up to Aki before he died, depicted as being a victim of Aki’s destructive powers in the Daimon Area of Neo-Domino. Misty became dazed and unintentionally drove off a highway and down a cliff. As she clung onto life, Ccarayhua took its opportunity and became one with Misty. But what Misty learns as she faces Aki’s fierce powers is that Divine was responsible for Tobi’s death. When she hears the confession through Yusei’s Duel Disk, she stares horrified at the two men and allows her Ccarayhua to consume her fury, resulting in Divine’s death through the Earthbound God eating him. Feeling liberated of darkness, Misty tells Aki she’ll surrender and is about to when Ccarayhua protests and takes control of her to continue the duel. The possessed Misty launches a final attack against Aki, but the real Misty pleads for Aki to end everything, forcing Aki to activate a Trap that finishes her off. The locket around her neck breaks loose as she falls and vanishes. After the final duel of the Signer War, Misty is revived and continues her modelling career, a photograph of her in Paris is shown by Aki in the epilogue of the first plot.