The Nosirs are a trio of Yo-kai triplets. They are all short and wear purple sweater vests, blue bowties, magenta pants, and black eye masks. They have large, thick noses and dirty blond hair. To tell one apart from the other, one of the three wears a small pair of eyeglasses, while another has a large nose hair sticking out of his nose and holds a small vanity mirror.

In the English version, the Nosir with the nose hair has been oddly changed to a string of olive colored mucus instead.

They all deny everything and correct people and aren't used to gratitude or compliments. In the English version of the anime, one of the Nosirs says "Uh-uh-uh", while the other one with the glasses says "Nosiree Bob!" The last Nosir with the snot from it's nose says "That's snot it!"

When Inspiriting their targets, the Nosirs make people second-guess the course of action they are about to undertake. In an academic test environment, these Yo-kai can cause unneeded levels of stress.

The leader of the Nosirs is also able to infuse himself into an object, namely the Yo-kai Watch, and is the source of the soundbyte of when the wearer inserts one of the Yo-kai Medals the wrong way.

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