Mitsuo Akechi

明智 光男

Gender: Male Age: 18 Height: 179 cm Blood Type: O Occupation: Unemployed Hometown: Saitama Status: Deceased BIM Type: Blazing gas Kill(s): 0 Mitsuo was a very large man. In the beginning he travelled along with Himiko, Masashi Miyamoto and Isamu Kond�. After Isamu Kond� was killed by Masashi Miyamoto, he along with Himiko ran away from Miyamoto taking away his supplies. He teaches Himiko how to use the radar to track people. He was killed by Himiko while attempting to sexually assault her. Not much is known about his past, only that he had sex with a girl he liked once, and that afterwards everybody at his school hated him (implying that it may have been rape, a fact he seems to be unaware of). This could lead to him being sent to the island.