Mitsuru Tenma

天満 光

Also Known As:

  • Mitsuruchin

Unit: Ra✽bits Age: 15 Birthday: September 7 Club: Track & Field Club Cheerful, energetic, carefree, and oblivious, Mitsuru is always smiling, but he's not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box, and neither does he think things over carefully. He doesn't really pay attention when someone's talking to him, and gives no heed to sarcasm. He doesn't like difficult words. Due to his excellent reflexes, he's very popular among the sports club as a helper, even though he's only a first year. He loves dashing (as in running) and often runs around the school ground. When tired, he'd lie on the grass, bask in the sun, and then fall asleep just like that. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)