Miu Amaha

天羽 みう

Birthday: February 22 Blood Type: O Height: 146cm B/W/H: 87/58/84 Miu is a third-year student of Yuihime Girls' Academy. She lives in a house nearby the school with her mother and two cats. She is the founder and president of the Neko Club, a school club to care for various animals. She works part-time at a maid café named Dolce to earn money for activity of the club; the Neko Club is not official club, so the club's budget is not supplied by the school. She is very kind around Shingo and tries to not leave Airi out of things. She is eldest but shortest among the main characters. She calls Angelina by her Japanese name Nanatsu. She later becomes the girlfriend of Shingo. (Source: Wikipedia)