Miwako Satou

佐藤 美和子

Also Known As:

  • Simone

A young female officer who works with Megure. Her father was also a police officer who was killed on duty when she was only six years old. Her former partner Matsuda was killed in an explosion. She made her debut as a cameo appearance in Volume 19 of the manga or Episode 130 and was properly introduced in Volume 21 or Episode 146. Tough, energetic, and a dedicated police officer that her "dates" tend to turn into police investigations, but she also can be quite lively and cheerful. Sato is hugely popular with the male members of the police department, but to their chagrin she, albeit hesitantly, begins to develop feelings for her colleague Takagi. She has come to value Conan's aid in several tough cases and trusts his judgment implicitly. She can tell he is no ordinary boy, and accepts him as a member of the police. (Source: Wikipedia)