Element Ability: Interspace Augmentation Basic Element Index: 112 Aura Level Ascension Rate: Pattern A Mind Level Ascension Rate: Pattern B Muscular Power: B Durability: A Rapidity: B+ Technical: A Knowledge: A+ Fortune: E Deterrence: A++ Dependency of Unification: C A strict and serious student that shows disgust towards the opposite sex; she claims that men are unneeded to battle the Abductors. Andy W. Hole is usually the most annoyed by her misandry despite he finds her very attractive. Her element power is the opposite of Andy's element power, the ability to close any type of holes. She is the one responsible for filling up and closing the holes dug by Andy. She follows the school regulations and admires the old school regulations written in an old student handbook, similar to a conservative Japanese school, found by Andy. Her father was a writer for a magazine, writing reviews and guides for sightseeing attractions. Her father fell in love with a woman he met a the little hole-in-a-wall bathhouse hinting that her father left her for another woman. Due to the tragedy involving her father, she became disgusted with men and doesn't want to talk about her father, she also hates holes because of it. After her first union with a guy she starts to treat Andy better but still gets into some petty arguments with him. She has a habit of filling holes. When Izumo demands Neo-DEAVA to surrender one of its female students to Altair, Mix tries to avoid Zessica from turning herself to them and ends up captured and taken away with them instead. While trying to rescue her, Andy stumbles on an Altean male soldier who somehow resembles Mix with the same powers as her, implying that she was brainwashed and somehow had her sex changed. (Source: Wikipedia)