Miya Asama

浅間 美哉

Also Known As:

  • Hannya of the North
  • Sekirei No. 01

The landlady of the Izumo Inn who is also known as the "Hannya of the North". Due to her fearsome reputation, no Ashikabi or Sekirei have dared to attack Izumo Inn. She hides her Sekirei identity from others, only other members of the 'first generation' Disciplinary Squad and Homura (#06) know her true identity as Sekirei #01. When Minato asked about #01's whereabouts, Miya answers that she died along with Takehito. When she saw the honest feelings of Minato and his Sekirei about Uzume's death she saw herself forced making her move and give up neutrality in the Sekirei Plan, so she revealed her identity to Minato and the others, calling herself a being neither human nor Sekirei but more like a goddess. She is the only Sekirei that has a family and a family name as all Sekirei are destined to fight though she doesn't seem to be participating in the Sekirei project. In latest chapters, it has been stated that the reason she does not have a Sekirei mark is not because she cannot be wing, but because Asama Takehito did not have any Sekirei genes in him, meaning he was not an Ashikabi. (Source: Sekirei Wiki)