Miyako Miyazaki


Also Known As:

  • Miya-Miya

Miyako Miyazaki is a first year high school student nicknamed "Miya-Miya." She is introduced as a very pretty and friendly girl, and to the surprise of many, the girlfriend of Danjuurou; however, in reality, she possesses a very dark and sadistic personality, but hides it in order to be together with Danjuurou. (In the manga she also smokes in school and hangs out with two girls that are possibly delinquents, but in the anime she is not shown smoking or hanging out with those two girls.) When Miyako shows her more sadistic side she is surrounded by a black aura and acts in a rather eerie and cruel manner, but she instantly switches back to her friendly façade when others are approaching or calling her name. Having only joined the Kendo Club because Danjurou was in it, she initially finds it boring, but would later enjoy it after realizing she likes to hit people. She has rather quick and powerful strikes, but in the beginning of the series she does not use any other moves other than attempting to strike her opponents in the head (that is, in the anime). In one episode of the anime, however, Miyako was shown to strike at the other areas on her opponent, although none of the strikes counted due to incorrect posture. She is very afraid of her middle school classmate, Reimi Odajima, due to a love relationship incident which got Reimi stalking her ever since. As the series goes on, her kendo skills begins to improve tremendously and she finally managed to score a kote point against Azuma in the 22 episode. She plays the position of Second-Vanguard (Jiho) in the competition. (Source: Wikipedia)