Miz Mishtal


The water priestess of Mt. Muldoon, as well as the oldest. Creeping towards thirty years of age, Miz's main concern, aside from her duties as a priestess, is keeping herself looking beautiful and hoping that she'll one day find a suitor so that she can marry and retire. While bathing in the springs of Arliman, a bumbling servant pours freezing cold water on her, causing her to scream, and Fujisawa, thinking she's in danger, "saves" her from her attacker. Taken with how handsome her "hero" is (not to mention that he is a teacher with a steady income), Miz instantly falls head over heels for him. Even as the world is in danger, Miz's primary motivation for ending the Bugrom conflict is so that she can plan out the whole wedding ceremony before Fujisawa can even say yes or no. Although she's more than capable of taking care of herself, she likes playing the delicate flower role when wooing Fujisawa. Eventually, she and Fujisawa tie the knot by the end of El Hazard 2, and the water priestess becomes Miz Fujisawa. At the end of the Alternative World, she later gives birth to their son. Miz in The Wanderers Miz is very much the same person she is in the OVA. The water temple she controls was briefly left in the hands of Nanami, who turned it into a water park, much to Miz's dismay. (Source: Wikipedia)