Mizou Yukuhashi

行橋 未造

Also Known As:

  • Rabbit Labyrinth
  • Passive

Mizou Yukuhashi is a senior of Class 13 and a member of the Flask Plan's Thirteen Party. Yukuhashi is very short and has white hair. He is always seen wearing a mask, a large backpack and a red scarf and is always together with Oudo Miyakonojou. While younger, Yukuhashi was tormented by the thoughts of others, Reading Minds even picking up the currents of radios and cell phones. Instead of breaking however, Yukuhashi's mind just slowly decayed. Upon meeting Oudo for the first time however, Yukuhashi's world went silent. Oudo's Abnormality cancelled out Yukuhashi's, and the pair became inseparable from then onwards. Ten years later, Yukuhashi and Oudo work in the energy development department of the Flask Plan.Yukuhashi can no longer use Reading Minds. (Source: Medaka Box Wikia)