Momiji Inubashiri

犬走 椛

A white wolf tengu that patrols the Youkai Mountain. Thanks to her superior senses of sight and smell, she can detect any intruder in an instant. When she discovers intruders she attempts to intimidate them with simple attacks, and reports those who aren't immediately bested to the Great Tengu. Her forces are usually lying in wait behind the waterfall. She has a very cooperative personality and executes her duties faithfully. This is unusual for youkai, but not uncommon in tengu society. However, she usually has a lot of free time, as the Youkai Mountain doesn't receive many intruders. While awaiting orders, she enjoys playing a rather time-consuming game called Dai shogi with the nearby kappa. Akyuu describes tengu as one of the strongest species, both in physical and sorcerous abilities. While nothing about Momiji herself has especially come to light, she is likely to possess some of those traits, such as their (almost) unmatched speed. (Source: Mountain of Faith, Touhou Wikia)