Momo Kawanagare

川流 もも

She is the first girl whom Tenchi has an chance encounter with, though she is the school's student council president it was her Vice President, Hana, who pulls all the strings, she is very kind and joyful, but she is also, clumsy and an airhead. She was later on reveled to be a Princess from another planet, in another dimension and in another time. When she was a child her space ship got caught in a time space distortion while traveling near earth , in order to save her, Beni, her guardian, put her in an escape pod and launched it towards earth. She was picked up by Tenchi who was send by Washu to rescue her and Beni, but things went wrong when Tenchi press the reset button on his mobile device whereby both her and Tenchi got caught in another time space distortion where she was send to the future and Beni who was still in stasis inside an escape pod was left behind in the past of feudal Japan. (Source: Anime+)