Momoka Kurumi

来海 ももか

Also Known As:

  • Momo-nee

Momoka Kurumi is a minor character in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also Erika Kurumi's older sister. Unlike her younger sister, Momoka has already achieved her goal of becoming a famous charismatic model, though admits that by becoming one, she lost her chance to gain normal friends. Her heart flower is the dahlia, which symbolizes splendid and elegance. Like Erika, Momoka loves fashion, and wants to be a model partly because she is happy that the clothes she wears becomes popular. Although Erika is constantly angry or on guard when Momoka is around, Momoka mostly ignores it and tries to help Erika the best she can, also because she is jealous of Erika who is able to do normal things and have normal friends. Unlike Erika, Momoka is always calm and mature, and understands that people are different from each other.