Momoka Nishizawa

西澤 桃華

Age: 12-14 Loyalty: Keroro Platoon Rank: none Family: Baio Nishizawa (father), Oka Nishizawa (mother), Tamama (pet) Likes: Fuyuki Hinata Anime debut: episode 2 Manga debut: chapter 3 Momoka is the only child of the multi-billonaire head of Nishizawa zaibatsu. She has a huge crush on Fuyuki and beats up anyone who stands in her way with Fuyuki. She primaraly beats up her Keronian partner Tamama due to his childish actions of standing between Fuyuki and Momoka (literally) but in the other times, they help each other and are as bonded as siblings. After seeing Tamama's battles, Momoka was secretly training so she could fight and protect Fuyuki. She is later equipped with armor that holds many powerful features and now fights with Keroro Platoon and for Fuyuki. She is the "owner" of Tamama, and they are similar in that they both have a cutesy and kind attitudes, yet violent alternate personalities. Momoka is mostly shown as easily frightened and shy, but when in the face of enemies (or when she is just very angered), she reverts to her violent side in a heartbeat. Sometimes, it is even shown that the two sides of Momoka often interact with one another, but not exactly telepathically (which embarrasses Momoka for saying her thoughts out loud), although it is also shown that sometimes the two sides will work around each other, with the evil side beginning a plan to win Fuyuki's affections that required the good side's not knowing. One time, the result of a freak accident ended up having the two sides of Momoka being split, one the bossy and intimidating side that even frightens the Keroro platoon, and the other the timid and cute side. Eventually, the two were morphed back into one Momoka thanks to the help from Keroro and some synchronized swimming. In several episodes, she, with the help of Nishizawa Peach Group, would take the chances for Momoka to send her love to Fuyuki, only to have limited success. A part of her name, 'momo', means 'peach', and the word 'ka' is an alternate name for 'hana', which means flower. She might be the one who started the kaito group, 'MorePeachSummer' with Mois, and Natsumi in episode 62 so she can steal an embarrassing painting from her father's state-of-the-art secured manor. (Source: Wikipedia)