Momoko Asuka


Also Known As:

  • Momo-chan

Momoko, or Momo-chan, is originally from Japan but moved to America as a young child because of her fathers job. Momoko had forgotten all of her Japanese because of that. She appears quite late in the series, at the start of the third season, Motto. Momoko is sent by Jou-sama to help Doremi and her friends to bake sweets. She is always loud and hyper, and sometimes blunt. She is closest friends with Doremi. When she was eight, she became a witch under the apprenticeship of Majomonroe. When Majomonroe fell sick and passed away, Momoko used the forbidden magic to attempt to revive her. Even though it didn't work, she lost her witch powers. Now she is given a second chance. One important fact about Momoko is that in Motto, she only knew how to speak English. (Only when she was a witch could she speak Japanese.) By Dokkan, her friends had thought her to speak the language, but Momoko would sometimes comment with English words. (Like, "Wow!") Momoko has no real love interest. Momoko's birthday is May 6, her favorite color is yellow, and her instrument is the guitar. Her family consists of her parents.