Mora Chester


Age: around 36 Mora is the very respected Saint of the "Mountain" as well as the head of the "Temple of the Whole World," the organization supervising the Saints. As such, she's in charge of making sure that the 78 Saints don't use god's powers for evil deeds, as well as organizing the training of promising new appointed Saints for the coming battle against the Majin. She is a woman with a tall figure, who looks around 5-10 years younger than her age, with long black hair floating freely in her back. She wears a blue priest garment and her arms are clad in two huge armored iron gantlets, which function both as protections and as blunt weapons. The power of the "Mountain" is very versatile, and composed of several simple powers rather than a big one. For example, she can increase greatly her strength, make her voice resonate clearly to people far away, and create healing bandages. Some of her powers can only be used in the mountains, like her senrigan, which allows her to see clearly everything happening on that mountain, even if it's happening several kilometers away. Mora was born as the youngest daughter of a wealthy wood merchant. She was dearly loved by both her family and her servants. Because her father was deeply involved with the temple of the "Mountain" which is the protector of merchants, Mora became a nun in that temple when she was 13 years old. Because of her diligent personality as well as her good results in studies, she was an outstanding member of the temple. When she was 19, the previous Saint of the "Mountain" retired, and the holy ceremony held afterward designated her as the new Saint. During the next three years, she developed greatly her powers, until she became one of the five strongest Saint alive. During those years, she showed great talent in administrating the temple as well. When she was 26, the previous head of the Temple of the Whole World, the Saint of the "Sun," retired, and she was designed as the new head. For ten years, her strict, righteous and devoted management made her very respected, and a lot of people are saying that humanity is very lucky to have such a capable person as the head of the Saints during a critical period like a new awakening of the Majin. Three years ago, she became really frantic in her efforts to train in order to face properly the imminent awakening of the Majin, and started to heavily train herself several other battle oriented Saints like the Saint of "Blade" Nashetania, the Saint of "Salt" and the Saint of "Fire," as well as two years and half before the awakening, the newly appointed Saint of "Fresh blood," Rolonia. Mora's main happiness is her husband Ganna as well as her young daughter Shenilla. When she's with her daughter, she becomes like a different person, as the strict and full of dignity chief of the Saints suddenly becomes just your everyday doting parent. She is the only hero in the group who can control Chamo. Her calm and composed attitude as well as her natural authority makes for a natural choice as the leader of the heroes of the six flowers, although she's later replaced by Adlet.