Also Known As:

  • Second Warrior
  • Ni no Senshi
  • Mo-Chan

One of the members of the Gael Tribe. She fights with Arthur often for the position of First Soldier of the Gael Tribe. She is the second of Arawn's wives. Her thinking is simple and she loves to hunt and eat a lot. Morgan's main weapon is the bow, and her skill with it is without match, though she also fights with a curved dagger on occasion. She also appears to have something of a drinking problem, regularly drinking so much that she attacks Arthur in a drunken stupor or simply passing out cold. Octavia becomes Morgan's best friend, as she sees Octavia as a fellow female warrior and their personalities compliment each other. Morgan first meets Arawn after failing her mission to secure the boats for the Gael clan's escape from Erin island. So distraught at having failed her assigned task, she attacks Arawn out of the blue, not knowing who he was. Being easily defeated, Arthur explains that the punishment for failing a task assigned by the first warrior is death (not to mention attacking the new clan chief). Not wanting any pointless sacrifices, Arawn instead claims Morgan for himself as victor of the fight, which apparently translates into Morgan becoming his wife. (Source: Wikipedia)