Motoharu Tsuchimikado

土御門 元春

Also Known As:

  • Fallere825
  • Sis-con Sergeant

Age: 15–16 Height: 176 cm Hair color: Yellow Classification: Magician-Esper hybrid Affiliation: Necessarius, GROUP (Leader) Occupation:Multiple Agent (Several organizations) Ability:Auto-Rebirth Level: 0 A blond teenager who is always seen with sunglasses and wearing an Aloha shirt. He is a friend and classmate of TÅ�ma who just happens to be his next-door neighbor at the dormitory they're staying at. While he seem like a normal, average teenager, there's more to him than meets the eye. Secretly, Tsuchimikado is actually a former agent of Necessarius who became a freelance spy for Necessarius, Academy City, and other unknown organizations; the leaders of both Necessarius and Academy City are both aware of this but have decided to let him be for the time being. His sorcery name is Fallere825, "the back-stabber." He was formerly a skilled OnmyÅ�ji as his family are descendants of Abe no Seimei but gave up his abilities when he went under the ESP development curriculum. He has a younger step-sister named Maika, whom he is also in love with, and for this he is known as the Shisukon GunsÅ� (シスコンè»�曹, "Sis-com Sergeant"?). He is also a member of one of Academy City's secret organizations, the "GROUP". His ESP ability is the Level 0 Auto Regeneration (肉体å†�生, Nikutai Saisei?, lit. "Body Regeneration"). Due to this power, he can still use magic as he can repair the damage done to his body, making him the only successful psychic/magician hybrid. Despite these advantages, he avoids using magic except in the most desperate situations as he cannot avoid the extreme pain caused by using it. (Source: Wikipedia)