Moumoku no Roujin


A blind old man from Munich who knew Johan as a boy and willingly told Dr. Tenma how interesting a boy Johan was. The old man told Dr. Tenma that Johan looked up to him because he saved his life and he was more important to him than his parents. The old man informed Dr. Tenma that Franz stayed there with the Haynau couple from March 1987 to April 1988. He described Franz to be very intelligent and polite, and quickly mastered the English and French language under his tutelage. He was also very much amused by the old man’s war stories, especially that of the old man’s escape from death in the U-boat attacked by an Allied Destroyer. He was interested in man’s behaviour on the verge of death and the fear it inspired. He also said Franz would not open his heart to anyone, save for his sister. When Dr. Tenma said he was looking for the boy’s twin sister, he said Franz is going to pick her up when she turns twenty in Heidelberg.