MPU was a self-aware network of satelites created before the "Warp Gate Accident" which destroyed part of the moon. Because of the debris field caused by the accident, pieces of the moon constantly rain down upon the Earth. Because of the people went underground. To keep in touch with other humans in space a network of communication satelites was created to communicate with the people living on Mars and Venus. The constant bombardment of rock destroyed the Nazca Lines, enormous ancient drawings only visible from the air, which actually exist in Peru. MPU had seen these lines from space and had always admired them. One day he decided to re-draw all the lines using the lasers on the network of satellites. When this happened the humans below assumed that a hacker had broken into the computer system and made them draw these lines. Edward befriends the computer's AI since MPU was responsible for creating the lines there was actually a bounty on MPU. Spike and the others captured him, but Edward downloaded MPU to save him from being destroyed by the authorities.