Mr. 11


First Appearance: Chapter 128; Episode 79 Mr. 11's real name is unknown. He is a Frontier Agent for Baroque Works in One Piece. His partner, Miss Thursday, is not shown. He makes a very short appearance in two episodes during the Arabasta arc. In the first, he is captured by Captain Smoker in Lunas and tied to a flag post. On Smoker's ship, he unwittingly reveals some information about Baroque Works. In the second, the ship is in Arabasta. When an unforeseen event happens that causes the crew, including Smoker, to leave their ship, Mr. 11 tries to free himself. Surprisingly, "Billions" (henchmen for Officer Agents) board the ship. Mr. 11, mistaking them for "Millions", (henchmen for Frontier Agents) yells at them to untie him. The "Billions" then reveal their rank and are hence the same level as him (agents above ranked of 10 are not much stronger than the Billions). Then Mr. 11 apologizes, but too little too late for they have no intention of freeing him. Then "Mr. Mellow" comes toward Mr. 11 and says "It's about time a post got opened." and shoots Mr. 11. Though his death isn't shown, Mr. Mellow's comment makes it a likely possibility, especially as Tashigi tells Smoker he was murdered in the same chapter/episode. (Source: One Piece Wikia)