Mr. 7


First Appearance: Chapter 205; Episode 124 Mr. 7 is an agent and part of a sniper pair along with Miss Father's Day. Mr. 7's body is covered with sevens, including his eyebrows, shoes, and gun. Many of his body parts, the gestures he makes with his hands, and the way he opens his mouth also resemble the number seven. Together with his partner Miss Father's Day the two form the sniper pair of Baroque Works. His Yellow Gun (named the Kiiroi Juu) shoots dice-shaped bullets that have 7 dots on them, which he fires so they line up with Miss Father's Day's bullets, creating an explosion. Sir Crocodile gave them the job to guard the cannon at the top of the clock tower until it went off and destroyed the people fighting in the middle of the capital city of Arabasta, Alubarna (both unaware of the fact that they'll be caught in the blast as well). He always seems to yawn or whisper to Miss Father's Day. Both he and Ms. Father's Day were defeated by Princess Vivi which is slightly ironic because in Baroque Works, they have a lower number than Vivi did. (Vivi was number 9.) (Source: One Piece Wikia)