Mr. Heartland


The person in charge of relaying Dr. Faker's orders to Kaito and is the current Mayor of Heartland, the city where the story takes place. Later on, he fell into the Sphere Field Cannon and was sent to Barian World, where he was temporarily transformed into a small bug, and later reborn into a Barian and leader of the Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World. After being defeated by ZEXAL III, he was burned alive by the Fake Numbers given to him by Vector. To the people of Heartland he is a benevolent government official who cares about the people who lived there. However, his true personality is that of a manipulative and deceitful man. He is willing to blackmail Kaito in order to make him do what Dr. Faker wants. He seems to enjoy seeing others in agony as he laughed when he tortured his child soldiers. He also gets annoyed if anybody calls him an "old man". He is also shown to be more malicious than Dr. Faker as when Haruto was harmed by Tron, he did not show any concern. Mr. Heartland is also extremely shallow, taking huge pride in his appearance. This was also shown when he burst into tears when Semimaru destroyed a statue of him. He is also very loyal to Vector for rescuing him from the Great Barian Sea and later for returning to his human form. He's also fearful of his wrath due to his recurring failures. Heartland eventually ended up in the Great Barian Sea. He was eventually revived by Vector using the power of Don Thousand, though his form was that of a fly. (Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia)