Mrs. Milligan


Mrs. Milligan is the wealthy, kind-hearted English lady who first met Remi outside the police station in Toulouse when the 10-year old girl was violently pushed by the police chief and lost consciousness. She brought Remi to her mansion, where the homeless girl regained consciousness. When the kind English lady learned about Vitalis' arson case and imprisonment, she told Remi that everything will be fine and that she believes of Vitalis' innocence. Mrs. Milligan and Remi quickly became close to each other. Soon after Vitalis was proven innocent of arson accusation and was released from prison, Remi decided to accompany again the old Italian entertainer on his journeys and left the Milligan mansion. Mrs. Milligan is already a widower. She gave birth to two children: Arthur (a paralytic) and a daughter (born earlier than Arthur), who was stolen after birth in England and was brought to France. Mrs. Milligan discovered later that Remi was her lost daughter when her son, Arthur, told her that Remi has a "Madonna and Child" medal similar to her's. The search for Remi began then. Mrs. Milligan was helped by one of her maids, Nelly and her lawyer, Mr. Blair in searching. Later, Nelly confirmed in a letter to her "Madam" that she already found Remi (note that the 10-year old girl was already living in Paris with the evil Gaspard during this time). After the finding, Gaspard kidnapped Remi. Realizing that the homeless girl belongs to the wealthy Milligan family, he tried to get a 10,000-franc ransom from Mrs. Milligan. Gaspard failed to get what he wants. He, together with two other guys involved in Remi's kidnapping, were arrested by Paris policemen. In the end, Remi was saved and reunited with her true family. Mrs. Milligan adopted Remi's homeless friends who were abused by Gaspard.