Ms. Shitataare


Also Known As:

  • Hanamizu-taare

Ms. Shitataare is the next Dark Fall villain after DoroDoron. She dresses in an ancient Chinese costume and manipulates water-related objects. "Mizu" means "water" and "shitataare" comes from the word "shitataru", meaning "dripping, dropping". She can turn anything related to water into an Uzainaa. According to Moop and Fuup, she is the one who has destroyed both the Fountain of Water and the Fountain of Sky. She has once betrayed Gohyaan.
Saki calls her "Hanamizu-taare" (note: hanamizu means nasal mucus) and she's the one who reveals that Michiru and Kaoru are still alive at the Dark Fall.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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