He was the richest man in the city of Xenotime, owning most of the land. When Xenotime's gold supply diminished, Mugwar had Nash Tringum crystallize red water to make imitation Philosopher's Stones, called Red Stones. He used the crystals to transmute rock into gold so that people would come to the city and he would gain money. He murdered Nash when he refused to help at the cost of the deaths caused by the red water. He took advantage of the Tringum brothers by pretending to fall for their deception and had them continue their father's work. He was one of the men Lust took advantage of for her own ambitions. He was killed, crushed by a cave-in caused by the pressure from the red water. Sony's Aniplex anime DVDs spell his name as Mugwar, although Sony's Aniplex website and the first novel, The Land of Sand spell his name as Mugear. A common unofficial translation has his name as Magwar. The Japanese pronunciation is "Maguwaaru," while FUNimation's English-dubbed pronouncation is "Mu-gee-ahr".