Mukuro Ikusaba

戦刃 むくろ

Birthday: December 24
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Super High School Level Soldier

Mukuro is an incredible soldier, but she's not very in touch with her emotions.

Actually she and Junko Enoshima are twins, Mukuro being the older one of them both. She disguised herself as her sister and joined the remaining fifteen students to carry out Junko's plan, but ended up being killed by her. Mukuro happens to be the mysterious "16th student."
There are a few differences in appearance between her and Junko. Mukuro has freckles, and smaller breasts. When Naegi asks her why she looks different from pictures in magazines, Mukuro replies that it's just image editing.
She will do anything for Junko's attention and believes her insults, as well as letting Junko put her down. She admits she's poor and used to be homeless, as well as trying to hook Naegi up with Junko.



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