Age: Late teens, early 20's Likes: Eutus, revealing outfits Dislikes: Snails, Not being with Eutus Personality: Cheerful and bubbly US Voice Actor/Actress: Kaytha Coker JP Voice Actor/Actress: Aya Hisakawa Sasshi and Arumi encounter this funky young lady in the various other dimensions of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcades. Extremely well endowed, much to Sasshi’s delight, Mune-mune tends to be a very cheerful and bubbly person who makes the kids' lives quite interesting amidst their travels. Sometimes she’s trying to kill the kids, others she’s very nice to them. Mune-mune appears to be searching the various alternate dimensions for the mysterious man wandering Abenobashi in a Wizard-like robe, Eutus, who she seems to be quite fond of. [US official site]