Munehiro Kabaji

樺地 崇弘

Hyoutei Gakuen 2nd Year Birthday: 3rd January (Capricorn) Height: 190cm Weight: 85kg Blood Type: O Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: None (changes depending on the match) Shoes: HEAD (C.Tech 1000) Racket: VoLKL (QUANTAM.10 TOUR) Special Move: Copy Favourite Food: Pizza, Beef rice Hobby: Assembling Bottle Ships Family: Grandfather, Father, Mother, Younger Sister Father's occupation: Office worker Favourite Subject: Art, Home Economics, Physics Favourite Colour: Primary Colours Preferred type: No preferred type Commitee: student council Worst school subject: modern literature/art Most frequented spot in school: Atobe's class Graduated from: He transferred from King's Primary School (see Atobe) to Hyoutei's elementary school division Spends his allowance on: nothing in particular Motto: 一寸�虫�も五分�魂・・・�� (even a tiny insect has half a soul, meaning you should be considerate to the weak.) Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey Book: 跡部�らもら��絵本 (a picture book from Atobe) Music: 波�音 (the sound of waves) Favorite date spot: the sea (the harbor) Most desired/needed item: nothing in particular Daily routine: arranging all the shoes at the (place where you take off your shoes as you enter a Japanese house) Dislikes: 「�白�事を言���言�れる事 (being told to say something interesting?) Special non-tennis skill: アイロン�� (doing the ironing)�パッ�ワーク (the second one means "patchwork") Kabaji is Atobe's faithful follower. But despite his appearance Kabaji is a very powerful player. His simplemindedness proves to be to his advantage because he can imitate his opponent's play style by just observing them. Kabaji rarely talks, and he is often heard saying "yes" to Atobe.