Murrue Ramius


Also Known As:

  • Maria Bernes

Rank: Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander (PHASE-15) Age: 26(GS), 28(GSD) Birthday: October 12 Blood type: O Genetic type: Natural Height: 170 cm Gundam SEED The acting captain of the Earth Alliance warship Archangel, who takes charge of the ship after her superiors are wiped out in the attack on Heliopolis. Although she's tough and competent, Murrue has a kind-hearted nature, and is prepared to overlook military protocol when it conflicts with her humanistic impulses. This philosophy often puts her at odds with her deputy Natarle Badgiruel. Gundam SEED Destiny The former captain of the Archangel took up residence in Orb after the previous war, assuming the name Maria Bernes and becoming an employee of Morgenroete's shipbuilding division. Murrue supervises the repairs to the Minerva when the ship arrives in Orb after the fall of Junius Seven.