Also Known As:

  • Kuroageha
  • Princess Naa

The Insect Magistrate, whose ability is to emit and control the poison coming out from her body, which she also considers it as her curse since every living thing she touches dies. Though she has a white complexity, her hair and kimono can actually turn black when using her powers at its full potential. She has a habit of using the personal pronoun "Warawa" which is an old Japanese literary style used by women of referring to oneself in a 1st person stance. However, it was reveled in ep.10 that her ability can be neutralize by a special projectile called "Evil Insect Slaying Blade" that was used by the Insect Hunters which pierced her heart. She grew fond of Jinbei after meeting him in ep.7 and suspecting him of being an insect hunter at first, which for some reason, the latter has no idea that she is the 'Insect Magistrate." In ep. 24, it was reveled that she was once a normal human, a member of the nobility and a daughter of a damiyo. She, didn't obtain her cursed power until the day that her castle was attacked and got killed, she was revived by an insect pupa that she once saved by turning her into a half human insect with the said curse power that she is, the event has also devastated her since it was her said powers that cause the death of everyone in her castle including her parents. (Source: ANN)