Mystel is quite a mysterious character by nature as quoted from a Beyblade episode 34: "My Name Is..." and is seen to be quite quirky. He spends his time in high places lurking around his team mates whenever they need to meet. He has strange abilities that makes it seem like he can float in mid-air. Water is his element and he uses it well. Mystel is a nice guy all round, if sometimes blunt with his wording and seems to somewhat offend the White Tiger X team when they find him in their camp; he comments on how they obviously cannot retrieve the fruit from atop the cliff like he can. He appears to have befriended Ray and the White Tigers when he first appears. He nearly persuaded Ray to join BEGA. Mystel seems to have a very free spirit, and is a very happy person. He is believed to be the youngest of the team. His Beyblade attacks are unpredictable. Bladers say that he uses a 360 degree attack, and he uses a bit-beast named Poseidon. Even though he is small, he's proved to be a strong blader when he defeats Lee of the White Tiger X team easily, and holds his own against Ray before an accident occurs and the battle has to end without deciding a winner. His beyblade is Poseidon with the Ocean Javelin attack.